Agile Rapid Production

Agile Rapid Production is a software development methodology that combines the best of Agile and Rapid Application Development (RAD) approaches to deliver high-quality software in a fast and iterative manner. This solution has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to help businesses meet the rapidly changing demands of their customers and markets. Agile Rapid Production emphasizes collaboration and communication between the development team and the customer or end-user. The development team works closely with the customer to identify and prioritize requirements, and then develops the software in short sprints. This allows the customer to provide feedback on the software and make changes or adjustments to the requirements as needed. The focus is on delivering software quickly, while still maintaining a high level of quality.





  • Allows businesses to get their software to market faster
  • Breaking the development process into short sprints
  • Deliver software in weeks rather than months

Increased customer

  • Involving the customer in the development process
  • Delivering working software increments in short cycles
  • Ensure that the software meets the needs and expectations

Better Adaptability

  • Businesses are more adaptable to changing customer and market demands
  • Prioritizing requirements
  • Respond to changes more quickly and effectively

Higher Quality

  • Emphasizes the use of prototyping
  • Emphasizes rapid development techniques
  • Speed up the development process